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Garden Joy’s Plant-A-Million Trees Challenge!

We’re working to plant 1 million trees and these influencers took the challenge! Which team will come out on top?
Monarch butterfyl

Garden Joy's

Plant-A-Million Trees Challenge!

These influencers have all taken the pledge to help Garden Joy plant 1 million trees… but they can’t do it alone! See who’s in the lead and help our your favorite by installing Garden Joy from their personal link! When you do, we’ll plant a tree for them! 

Together We Can Reach 
1 Million Trees!


Real Trees Planted

June 3, 2024 at 7:01:54 PM

*as of

The Challenge is officially complete!

Jacaranda Team

Darina Egstad, Jahara Jayde, Cristina Viseu, Clare Sullivan, Christine Lan, Bruno & Libby, GamingGrly, Annie Mescall, Joanie Sprauge, aplantproject

81 trees planted

Make A Difference Where It Counts

Want to get out and participate in a local Earth Day event?
Check the map to find one near you!

Oak Tree Team

Seum, PeruseProject, Arabella Stokes, BlossomEffect, ItsTheGarbageQueen, Jonah Kest, CozyGamer, Ben Nelson, Claire Zinnecker, themotheroverload

230 trees planted


Your Dream
Garden Awaits!

Cherry Blossom Team

Sam Lantz, GamerGirlGale, Mike Pyle, HousePlantPlus, RestyleLiving, Matt Blashaw, Eeowna, Damasklove (Amber Kemp-Gerstel), Kevin Norman, Apieceofmyglamhome (Sana Sherwani)

236 trees planted

Palm Tree Team

GenaJaffe, Katskratchh, VeryGoodGardening
Krystalynn Gier, CarissaAndClimate, Darren Keefe, Construction2Style, Alexandra Beuter, Mad Morph, 10eegaming

40 trees planted

Pine Tree Team

Xixi Playing, Little Siha, Tawny Platis, DaBabyBoomers, Cheebs, Sabrina Pare, Mariah Grows, Maddy Gutierrez, geneandshay

219 trees planted

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